Veniamin Dardyk - CEO, 25 yrs of management and development in IT

Irena Shlivko - Professor in Medical Science, Head of the Scientific Center for Diagnostics and Treatment of Skin Tumors of PIMU Univ. Clinic

Oksana Garanina - Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Doctor - oncologist, Associate Professor at PIMU, Skin Neoplasms Researcher


Anna Mironycheva - Dermatovenerologist, Skin Neoplasms Researcher at PIMU

Ksenia Uskova - Dermatologist, Researcher at PIMU

Alexey Burdakov - Ph.D. in Computer Science, Managed Global e-Health Project in 8 countries, Lectured in BMSTU, Emory Univ., Technology Director, Head of Research and Development for Artificial Intelligence

Andrey Ukharov - Ph.D. in Computer Science, Managed Technology Dev. for Global e-Health project in 8 countries, Leading Specialist in Deep Machine Learning Systems