The recommendation received:

Do not postpone a visit to the doctor to get a diagnosis. We recommend that you consult an oncologist.

The recommendation is not the diagnosis.

For an accurate diagnosis, you need to consult an oncologist.

The neural network concluded that the sent image and other data with a high degree of probability indicate the presence of malignant disease.

It should be taken into account, that in addition to the probabilistic nature of the neural network conclusion and the possibility of incorrect recommendation, the incorrect results might be received due to noncompliance with the recommendations for photographing "moles", especially when there are sharp shadows in the photo from improper lighting, as well as foreign objects: eyes, nails, watches, buttons ... The presence of such items can mislead the neural network and affect results.

If the recommendations for photographing "moles" have not been met, then simply try again, following all the specified rules.

Otherwise, please visit a doctor as soon as possible.